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35 y/o male from dirty, Argentina taurus
ID: 4495   Last logged in: 2009-11-09 11:06:22
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Personal details
ProfileType single
Sex male
Children 0
Want children Yes
Date of birth 1983 - May - 6
Height 5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
Body type Slim
Ethnicity Caucasian
Marital status Single
Education High School graduate
Smoker No
Drinker No
Details of the person you are looking for
I look for a female
Looking for an age range 23 -  30
Relationship Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Pen Pal
I welcome all kind and honest people! At once I beg pardon for my English. I badly know him language, especially grammar. But computer healthily helps me. My name is Andrey. I am 28 years. My sun sign of Zodiac – Taurus, lunar – Cancer. I live in Russia, country, where would not recommend you to live. As far as I understand, this site of acquaintances is not very much popular. But nothing – I will take chance to place a questionnaire. As far as I understand, who places many the questionnaires here appear simply ideals. It ensues from their questionnaires, that they are necessarily clever, honest, beautiful, sexual, careful, kind, simply angels in a flesh – the best from the best, as if from other planet. I already had time to notice that many girls are arranged by life of kept woman, they search money and sweet life with people far them more senior. But at each the life and Fate, will be lenient and tolerant. So, distinguishing my features: honesty (if you will be able to see one aspect of my deception and cunning though – do that want, let even to shoot me), adherence to one's principles (I never will do nothing bad, immoral, all that contradict to my principles, looks, world view. I will always express opinion and relation; Β« I do not lick a bum and stay up under each for the piece of pieΒ» - that with pleasure (and someone without pleasure) did, do and will do many in this imperfect world). I would like to meet the future wife, that unique, who is destined on Fate. At times not easily to meet two hearts and wait, when Providence will connect both. I know that my second half is somewhere. If She will appear will of Fates on this site and will see me and soon will be sure that we are halves of one whole – this will be happiness for us both. But socializing, correspondence with friends – it also healthily, look, I will be able to learn English though a bit. I am difficult to memorize foreign languages – my memory does not wish to memorize. It is very electoral. If it will wish, will memorize any little things. And does not grant foreign languages. That yet to tell about itself – I am an asceticism enough man. I love nature very much is its variety, riches and beauty, I like to look at star sky, I like adventures and trips. I love everything that does mobile and active my brain – it is able to bring him beatitude and pleasure – this can be music, games or interesting work. I am a not silk-stock, materially poor. Not to judge me about quality of intellectual constituent of my mind and depth of the stopped up wisdom, but to you. I am interested in astrology, international economy, finances. In theory, I would deal in politics, only to lie and grovel I am not able and does not wish, and to such people a way is upstairs closed practically everywhere – in fact power of money, making monies, bureaucracy, corruption, lawlessness and wild tyranny firmly entered in life of many societies. I value life and freedom of any man and animal highly, more precisely to say, life is priceless. I love swimming, especially in living reservoirs – lakes and ponds. I love sport and competitions. I prefer to play in tennis, I like to look high-quality European or world football, biathlon, Formula-1 racing. I like to go for a walk in the forests and gather mushrooms. In respect of musical preferences – I like that arranges my brain, a musical genre does not matter. It is difficult me to explain. For example, I estimate words (their combination, sonority, harmony, drive) and music in songs (at the same time) (melodiousness, richness of content, sonority, heartfeltness, used for setting fire, trembling, height of flight and speed of falling downward, power and tenderness). Approximately so. Very well when you like words, text, intonation and expression, love the rich palette of musical paints. I need a drive, plenty of paints, explosion of emotions, unforeseeableness and used for setting fire or intoxicant romanticism and insinuating weakening serenity or tender passion. In club music, think, there are many good compositions, but I little had to listen it. But such dance club music befits me – if it is not rectilineal and not monotonous. And than more powerful, quick and manevrennee so much the better. (Basses here not at what, does not love his surpluses, as well as inflexibility. I love a powerful, but soft enough sound. All power and force is in music and sound – but not in a volume. If to compare music to the car - it must be Ferrari is an instantaneous start, a reckless acceleration is both an overload and the same swift braking, exceptional maneuverability and enormous hold-down force). It is space music, flight, but flight on an unforeseeable trajectory in 3d space on not earthly laws - where it is possible to include fantasy - it is like me. In general I love womanish voices. A pleasant womanish vocal can do a mood and pleasure from listening. you will forgive me for impossibility to pass my feelings on words. Possibly, you understood too little from my inability and complication of translating from Russian into English. Yes, herein complication of Russian. And do you know that in him easily? There are rules in English. For example, in a simple sentence - at first subject, then predicate, then all other. If sentence is interrogative – a that predicate is put at the first place … Such rules are not present in Russian. You can put any word at any place in any suggestion, intonation and punctuation marks is here important. You can talk because you want, you however will be understood. It is only needed to know words. And it is so impossible in English. All have the advantages and distinctive features – both languages and people. Please

Ideal match description:
If to ask me, what is seen me my future wife, what I present her – I will make attempt answer. She respects itself, She is kind, wise, serious, faithful, charming. Naturally, She must love me, and I to love her, that we became the married couples. Other, I do not get married without valuable and mutual love and to nobody does not advise it. I think, my wife is not dyed, (unless quite a bit uses decorative protecting Cosmetology on face), does not smoke, does not use an alcohol (or very rarely – for example, I never smoked and drank no swizzles – absolutely nothing), She never thought about that to do piercing. She can be both younger and more older than me. More probably, that She gave birth under the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, although possible and any other. Moon in the map of her birth (more probably) there is (fully possibly) in signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio. Let these will be my suppositions. She can not have ideal (for someone) proportions, be not a beautiful woman, to be not an ideal, but She necessarily will be a beautiful woman for me, by the best and wonderful wife, spouse and mother. I need only to see a picture, that I could say – this woman can to be my wife or not (whether I will be able to be with She forever). An exterior is very important, but most not basic. I never get married on a beautiful woman, even if She is most beautiful, rich and clever, but not good and not clean the soul. Yes, did nobody abolish material welfares, well, when are they and you aspire to them, but in the name what and by what price? An internal cleanness and internal beauty is higher than all, but here a potential wife must correspond the moral and spiritual values of concrete everybody. I am an one-woman man, and it is correct from my point of view. Physical treason – possibly, most innocent from treasons, but I will not forgive any treason, even physical. But also a wife knows never what treason of husband, they are simply unthinkable for me. I know that talk. It is very important, that I befitted the wife on mentality, corresponded its principles and values (I befitted She, and She befitted me) – this be very important, it the most important for happiness at highly developed personalities. Naturally, the relation of the married couples on a matrimonial bed (harmony abed) was abolished by nobody – all is important for happiness and harmony. Once again will forgive me for errors, inaccuracy of translation, I hope, it is compensated my sincerity. I will thank you, if you will specify me on my errors. I am beforehand thankful you. Those girls who I pleased, feel free, write me (, I will be glad you. If you do not can (does not turn out) to express all gamut of senses in English (it is not Your mother tongue), and to show riches of the mother tongue, write in other language (French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish). I will make attempt translate, if will turn out. I hope, I will not break the brain. Not fact, that I will have an intellect for translation and understanding of sense of combinations of words, but that able – I will do. I suppose that Your knowledge English far better than my understanding of Your mother tongue. I wish you success, happiness and health. Let all turn out for you, and you will meet the Fate and will attain one's own aims. With kind regards, Andrey

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